We see inflation impacting all parts of our life. During the colder months, how can you keep your heating bill as low as possible? Here are a few tips.

Take advantage of the sunlight. During the day, open all your windows and let that beautiful sunlight warm up your rooms. It’s amazing how much sunlight can heat up a room, even on a cold day. But when the sun goes down, make sure to cover your windows with your blinds and curtains. This will help hold in your heat. If you have a ceiling fan, set them to turn clockwise and on a low speed. This will draw the warm air that has floated to the ceiling back down into the room. 

If you have hard floor surfaces, make use of area rugs. Do not prop your furniture up close against radiators or vents. Allow the warm air to circulate. Seal up any cracks around your windows or doors. And if your windows are older or leak cold air, consider winterizing them. Lastly, dress warmer. Do you like to crank your heat and wear shorts and a t-shirt around the house? Maybe it’s time to lower the heat a bit, and wear your cozy sweatpants, sweater, and socks. 

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