There are so many things to worry about with children in the home, especially if you listen to all the horror stories out there about what can happen when the parents aren’t watching. One common accident is furniture tip-overs.

It is easy to forget that even though your furniture looks very stable, the added weight of a child climbing on it could easily cause it to tip over. Just try opening several drawers at once in your dresser, and you will see how quickly an accident can happen. In fact, according to statistics, there are about 3-4 tip-overs here in the US every hour.

So what can you do to prevent this? Usually, any tall furniture that you purchase will come with the solution included, only, many of us don’t even use them – tip-over brackets. These can be installed fairly easily, and they will stop the disaster from occurring. The most important point to remember when installing them is that the material where both ends are anchored needs to be stable enough to hold the weight that a tip would involve.

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