Having a greenhouse is an amazing endeavor. But like most things greenhouses need maintenance. It’s important to check on your greenhouse on a regular basis to ensure that it is providing the right conditions for your plants to flourish. Here are a few tips for greenhouse maintenance :

  • Pest control. The best way to have no pests in a greenhouse is to avoid bringing them into the greenhouse. To deal with pests in the greenhouse the first thing to do is release the pest’s worst predator into the greenhouse.
  • Clean your greenhouse often. Regularly clean and sterilize all the services at the greenhouse. And if you want to get rid of pest and insects you should fumigate your greenhouse yearly.
  • The ventilation system that is installed in a greenhouse should be checked frequently.
  • Your water and tank irrigation system also need to be checked every few months. Hoses can become clogged and develop cracks so they need to be replaced or unobstructed. To get rid of the dirt in the hoses, the water should be run at full pressure without the cap. 

Maintaining a greenhouse is definitely not easy. Before deciding to invest in a greenhouse it is important that you understand the demands and I willing to meet them to reap the benefits of the construction.

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