The arrival of winter can bring with it many joys, but it can also bring some inconveniences such as dealing with snow and the snow plow occasionally knocking over your mailbox. If you’re tired of constantly repairing or replacing your mailbox after it’s been knocked down, it’s time to take some proactive measures. Here are some unique tips to help you ensure that your mailbox on your property survives snow plow season unscathed.

  1. The Right Placement:
    One of the first steps to mailbox survival is proper placement. Make sure your mailbox is situated at the recommended height, typically between 41 to 45 inches from the road surface to the bottom of the mailbox. Also, ensure it’s set back at a safe distance from the road’s edge but not so far that it’s hard for the mail carrier to reach.
  2. Use a Flexible Post:
    Traditional wooden or metal posts may look classic, but they can be easily damaged by snow plows. Consider using a flexible or breakaway post that can bend and yield when struck, reducing the chances of mailbox damage.
  3. Invest in a Reflective Mailbox:
    Reflective mailboxes not only make it easier for the mail carrier to spot your mailbox, but they also enhance visibility for snow plow drivers, reducing the chances of accidental collisions.
  4. Clear Snow Safely:
    After a heavy snowfall, it’s essential to clear the snow around your mailbox. However, take care not to pile snow against the mailbox post or directly in front of it. This helps prevent the snow plow from pushing snow into your mailbox and causing damage.
  5. Bollard System:
    Consider installing a bollard system around your mailbox. These sturdy, short posts act as a barrier, deflecting snow plow blades away from your mailbox. Just be sure they don’t obstruct the mail carrier’s access.
  6. Reflective Markers:
    Place reflective markers around your mailbox to alert snow plow operators of its presence. These markers serve as a visual guide to help them avoid your mailbox while clearing snow.
  7. Communicate with Your Local Municipality:
    Contact your local road maintenance department to discuss your concerns. They may be willing to provide guidance on proper mailbox placement and offer tips for avoiding collisions during snow removal.
  8. Reinforce with Sandbags or Concrete:
    For extra stability, you can add sandbags or pour a concrete base around your mailbox post. This can help anchor the mailbox and reduce the chances of it being knocked down.
  9. Regular Maintenance:
    Finally, make mailbox maintenance a routine task. Ensure it’s securely fastened, free of rust, and that all components are in working order. This proactive approach can help extend the life of your mailbox.

With these creative strategies and a dash of preparedness, you can increase the chances of your mailbox surviving the snow plow season unscathed. By combining proper placement, reflective elements, and a flexible post, you can maintain a functional mailbox and enjoy the winter wonderland without mailbox-related worries.

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