For several decades now, bathrooms around the country have been sporting wall receptacles with a red and black buttons on them. These are known as Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) receptacles, and they have saved many lives. As you probably are aware, water and electricity don’t mix very well, so in your bathroom, kitchen, and other places, GFCI receptacles are used to cut power whenever there is a current that is unbalanced. When that happens, the “Reset” button on the GFCI receptacle will pop out, and the receptacle won’t be powered until the button is pushed back in.

It is important that you as a homeowner test these receptacles to make sure that they are functioning since the lives of your family members are at stake. It’s fairly simple to test them since they have a test button built-in. When you push this, power should be cut until you push the reset button back in. So make sure to plug something in that you know is functioning, such as a lamp. If there still is power, then you need to have the receptacle replaced.

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